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Jess & Noah on TV!

Jess & Noah were on TV this morning on the show "San Diego Living" with some old theater friends of mine. She comes on about 5:57 into the video.

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Still pregnant and one day past the due date. Aren't the second kids supposed to come early?

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Yes, I am still pregnant. Not officially due until the 17th, which I suppose is OK since James still hasn't come to the realization that Noah is a much better name than Max. He is stubborn... I am not.

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Maddie’s Costume

I forgot to write a follow-up piece about what Maddie finally decided to be for Halloween! James and I took her to the store so she could look at the costumes in person. Out of all the princess costumes, pirate costumes, ladybugs, bees, fairies, cartoon characters, etc., she decided that she wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She has never seen this movie before and we were surprised she even knew what it was. We tried the costume on her and she was super cute in it, but it was $30 and non-returnable and we were still 3 weeks away from Halloween. Gasp! We left the store without buying the costume, but we did buy Tinkerbell shoes for her Tinkerbell dress she already has. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find Tinkerbell shoes!

Over the following week, I looked around on the internet to see if I could find the costume for less and I also wanted to make sure she didn't change her mind... again. We took her to Party City one night and had her look at the giant board with all the costumes on it. She could have picked out any costume she wanted. She picked Dorothy... again. We said she could try it on but that she could also pick another costume to try on as well. Nope, she didn't want to try on anything else. She wanted to be Dorothy. So we tried it on and she loved it. And, I had a coupon! Yippee! And, this Dorothy costume was very sparkly. Super cute and totally her. Complete with two braids in her hair and ruby red sparkly shoes from Target which she now wears everywhere. Great choice Maddie!

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Prop 8 Thoughts Followup

This post was also placed on Facebook where it garnered some commentary. This post is a followup to that commentary.

First of all, let me say I've very much enjoyed the conversation that has developed from my original post.


Prop 8 Thoughts

Those opposing California's Proposition 8 do not seem to have thought this issue through very carefully. The opposition has clearly not examined this proposition at a fundamental level and as a result, the campaign makes some very strange statements that have either not been carefully thought out, or they are intentionally attempting to pull the wool over everyone's eyes in an activist fashion. And please, everyone, let's cool the jets a moment and have calm and collected minds while we read through the following points. Let's debunk some of these arguments:


Costume of the Week 9/1/08

Maddie's desire for a Halloween costume has changed a few times since the last post. When we left off, she wanted to be a character band-aid. Since then, she told me she wants to be a pirate again. Then she decided she wants to be a hotdog complete with ketchup, relish, and a bun. But she told me last night randomly that she wants to be a bee... the kind that stings. I have a feeling this will be a last minute costume purchase with the rate she is going on all these changes.

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Another First

Well, that day has finally come. Today was Madeline's first day of preschool!

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Crazy Kid

James has had way too much influence on Madeline. The other day Maddie wanted me to tie one of her blankets on like a cape. She was pretending to be Darth Vader. Yes, Darth Vader. She came up with that all on her own. She has never seen the movie. Then she took a princess wand and was pretending that it was Darth Vader's and that it did bad things to people because Darth Vader isn't nice. As funny as it was, I did have to explain to her that we don't want to do bad things to other people.

My dad had bought Maddie a princess fishing pole for her birthday in June. It is all pink (her favorite color) and girly. We were all together tonight and talking about taking her fishing for the first time. Maddie randomly says that she wants a Darth Vader fishing pole even though she has been so excited about her princess pole up until tonight. And today her favorite color is black... like Darth Vader. She is so wacky.

And speaking of wacky, when she woke up from her nap today she did not want to go to the bathroom. She started a huge crying (whining) fit about how she didn't want to go. When we asked her why, her reason was because she didn't like the floor in the bathroom. I was trying so hard not to laugh because she was clearly upset. The floor? The floor hasn't changed in her three years of existence! She cracks me up!

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Costume of the Week

Maddie has been talking about Halloween costumes since April. She is a girl after my own heart and can't wait for fall time to decorate and to help put the tree up for Christmas. The funny part is the frequent changes in what she actually wants to be for Halloween. Here is the list...

First it was Alice (from Alice in Wonderland). I almost looked for a costume on ebay but decided to wait just in case she changed her mind.
Then came Dinah (Alice's cat). Then she wanted to be the Cheshire Cat.
Then it was a pirate with a hook, but she was very specific that she did not want to wear hat or bandanna. This one came on very randomly one day. She was in the middle of a sentence and switched her thought part way through to tell me she wanted to be a pirate for Halloween. This was back in May. There were no pirates around anywhere. She is so funny... and random.
Then I believe it was a tulip fairy, which she was for her second Halloween at 1.5 years old.
And the latest desire for a costume..... a band-aid. Yes, a band-aid. But she wants to be a band-aid with characters on it.

I am sure there will be a new desire for a costume next week. Stay tuned.

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Maddie’s 3 Year Appointment

This post is from July 2, 2008. I wrote it back then, but didn't get around to posting it... so here it is...

Maddie had her 3yr wellness checkup today. She was very excited to go and was telling me all morning that she wanted to get a band aid while she was there. I am sure that could be arranged!


Our decline…

Just a post to note the pattern. This is nothing new, but perhaps will be new to some reading this.

Any of this sound familiar? Anyone else think there's any truth to the phrase that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"?

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Rock it…

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Health Care and Morality

Chester writes:

Can anyone explain to me how the Federal Government of the United States of America is morally obligated to provide health care to everybody?

Alas, I cannot, but perhaps I can offer some insight on the issue at hand for those who might be persuaded to believe this. Hillary (and those who would side with her on the healthcare issue) are seemingly confused on multiple fronts: morality, the function of the government, and the definitions of charity and justice.


I now pronounce you…?

Why is there such an uproar and seeming confusion on the issue of instituting law recognizing marriage as the union between one man and one woman? It seems simple enough... if you think about it. If you plot out the stats:

Percentage of populace that finds the practice of heterosexual union offensive: <1%
Percentage of populace that finds the practice of homosexual union offensive: >1%

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Recycled edutainment…

I remembered loving this as a kid. I showed it to Maddie a couple weeks ago and now she asks to watch it every morning over breakfast.

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Liberalism vs. Evolution

I'm a geek and end up reading a lot of tech media in the fleeting attempt to stay on top of my game. It's interesting as a lot of these folks would very likely describe themselves as "liberals", and yet seem incredulous that one would not accept the theory of evolution as incontrovertible fact. Has it occurred to any of these folks that the idea of being a liberal and an evolutionist are mutually exclusive?


The Apple Didn’t Fall Far…

Jess here...
One of my favorite things to do is shop. It doesn't really matter what it is for. I don't spend a lot of money though... I am really good at finding the best bargains. But, I love to shop. Maddie has some how picked up on this exciting passion of mine.


Great News!

Hi everyone. Jess here. For those who don't know, I opted not to renew my contract at the company I was working for. So, as of Oct 31st, I am now a full time stay at home mom, again. There are a lot of things I am hoping to do with this new found "free time". One of those things is writing more blogs. I will admit that the subject matter of 98% of what I write will be Maddie. The other 2% will most likely have something to do with what James calls "worthless crappy stuff". Things in this category include shopping, scrapbooking, decorating and other FUN things like that! Check back often!


Words of power…

It's amazing the power one can wield using a particular string of words. Today's example:

"Stop now or no more Cinderella."

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